Moving Fragile Items And Valuables: How To Pack It Safely

Moving is in itself a stressful and difficult task but the pressure to make sure your fragile items are safely packed and moved is even worse. These items must be packed ahead of time using the appropriate materials so that the items will be just as it was in its new environment. Here are some ideas to make sure your glasses, porcelains or any other breakables stay protected throughout the move and stay in one piece.


Generally items that you wish to move must be packed approximately two months ahead if you are not planning to hire movers so start packing the fragile items first. This ensures that you take the necessary time to pack it well and securely as it requires care when moving. The main cause for the breakage and damage of these fragile items is packing them in a rush or forgetting to Pack them well. Try to be organised throughout the whole process.


Write a list of all the types of fragile items that are needed to be packed and find the appropriate materials needed to Pack each of them. Quality materials must be purchased to avoid damages during collisions and bumps. You can find removal boxes for sale here that will be sold at a discounted price or even the usual cardboard boxes must be bought in order to efficiently store and transport the items. You will also need a large amount of bubble wrap, sealing tape as well as hard use paper to wrap around items for cushioning. Old clothes can also be used to wrap the items but many layers will be needed to be used.

Pack Items Properly

Different items must be packed in different styles and appropriate custom boxes to ensure its safety. Plates must be stacked in boxes that fits its size and place paper in between each plate. Glasses must be packed individually and placed in boxes layered with paper and bubble wrap. Mirrors and glass tops are very risky items to move because of the stylish edges that make it difficult to wrap. Each mirror must be placed in individual, fitting boxes with ample cushioning and securely taped around.

Label the Boxes

It is best if all the boxes are marked and labelled. But it is important that you mention and specify the boxes containing fragile items so the movers or handlers can be careful with it. Also if you mention what each box contains you can easily find the box at the time of need.