Difference Between Tree Removal And Deforestation

When one says tree removal, not always does it mean deforestation. There is a lot of difference between the two. In simple words, deforestation is the permanent removal of trees usually on a large scale so that the land can be used for some other purpose. This can be done for numerous reasons, some of which are: mining, extraction of oil, gas, minerals etc. to grow crops, for timber and much more. There is no doubt that deforestation has over the years caused a lot of damage to earth in the form of climate change, soil erosion, global warming and many more problems. However, many a times trees get damaged due to natural and man-made factors and in that case, if not removed, they can pose a threat to you, so it is recommended that you remove a specific tree or a couple of them. Not everyone can remove trees and for this you require services of professionals and in Australia; Pro climbing tree cutting in Forestville are the ones for you.

When should you remove trees?

A tree near your residential area should be removed if it has some kind of a disease or an infestation that can spread to other trees or can even affect it, for example a termite infestation. A tree should also be removed immediately if it becomes unstable after a storm or strong winds, because if not removed, these trees can even fall on nearby buildings causing damage to life and property.  You may also get a tree removed if it is too old and is naturally dying away. For all these scenarios and any other, you need services of a professional as removing a tree may seem easy but it surely isn’t!

Before a tree is to be removed, an arborist has to consider certain factors, some of which are: their type, age, their stability level, its proximity to nearby buildings etc.  All trees cannot be removed in the same manner as they different from one another. The team at Pro climbing Tree Services is educated and experienced in terms of the handling and usage of machinery and equipment that is required for tree removal, from cranes to rigging equipment and what not! In addition to tree removal, the team at Pro climbing Tree Services also provides tree pruning services.

Tree Pruning

For those who don’t know, tree pruning refers to marinating how a tree looks. You just cannot let a tree grow wild, if you have it grown in your front lawn, you would want it to look aesthetically appealing and for that you would require services from Pro climbing Tree services. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, this service also includes looking after the health of the tree, ensuring it gets right amount of water, sunlight and nutrients from the soil. Pruning is extremely important for a trees growth and it should be done by someone who knows about it, because if gone wrong, it can affect the growth of the tree, or damage it permanently.